School Workshops

Kent Surf School provide high energy school workshops based around all the curriculum enrichment areas from indoor surfing fitness, first aid courses , and outdoor watersports. 

Our unique school workshops are fun, fully inclusive and proven to boost children’s self-esteem, confidence and enhance cognitive development, coordination and balance. Here at Kent surf school we are massively passionate about getting children active! We not only educate the children on the benefits of exercise & water safety but we make sure everyone has fun. 

Feedback from teachers...

“Andy and Pip lead our EYFS Children with such care and enthusiasm. They supported them and made the experience fun and informative. Our Children were taught about beach safety, the environment and their inner core strength. A Fab experience. Thanks Guys!"

Cobam Primary School

The children were exhilarated by the experience - they took the challenge on with gusto even though many found it difficult to balance at first! The session leaders were professional and knowledgable, and they had an excellent way with children.

Primary School Teacher