Event water Safety

We can provide water safety for any event that takes place on, around or near water, from seas to lakes we have it covered.

Here at Kent Surf School we understand the importance of experience and knowledge when it comes to open water safety. Our core team have years of experience of working as beach and open water lifeguards and supervisors, coastguards, RNLI rescue volunteers and rescue boat drivers in the marine industry here in the UK.

When selecting our team for larger events we strive to enhance our core team by recruiting appropriately qualified individuals and groups with local knowledge and experience of those waters. 

We can provide land based or water-based cover in the form of lifeguards, paddle craft and safety boat as well as qualified paramedics on site. 

Competitive Sporting Events

Having a great water safety team in place is key to an enjoyable and safe experience for your participants. 

Experience of competing and providing cover has taught us that for the participants to feel safe it is essential that we are visible to them during the race. We do this by taking a proactive approach, providing direction and support if required and through high visibility standardised uniform and equipment.  

If you would like to talk through safety logistics or get a quote for cover at your event please contact us.

Film Water Safety, Bespoke and Charity Challenges

Having worked on and in film settings from pinewood studios, to safety cover for BBC 1 and channel 4 film productions as safety cover , we also have covered long distance swim events, training camps and participating in various extreme water sports from surfing competitions to National GBSUP competitions our team at Kent Surf School can assist with safety logistics, etc… for any water-based challenges.