Surf Lessons

All lessons are inclusive of the equipment needed

Lessons last for 2 hours starting with a beach based lesson then water time

Available lesson times vary each day due to the beach tides


Beginner Surf Lesson

Our beginner lessons are aimed at getting you standing up and having fun in a safe environment! We will introduce you to the equipment and how to get your first waves. check our booking system to see what activities are available on the day.

Prices Junior £25 Adult £35

Private 1 to 1 Lesson

These lesson are carried out by our experienced instructors, these lessons will be tailored to help you to achieve a good understanding of sea safety, catching the waves , board control and finally riding the waves.

Price £80

2 to 1 Surf Lesson

Couple’s lessons are the best way to learn if you want to develop your surfing skills at the fastest possible pace. Couple surf lessons are ideal for anyone who would like this level of individual attention and feedback with their partner joining in.

Price £120

Family Lesson (4 People)

Want a couple of hours of fun then come and join us for a Family Surf Lesson. Depending on your level we can start you on the basics or help you develop your surfing skills. When we have mixed ages we like to put one of our assistant instructors with the group so there is help for the adults and the younger ones.

Price £130