Surf and Shoot

£70 pp

Kent surf school has teamed up with Quex Paintball to offer surfing and half a day Paint balling this is one of Kent’s new and exciting paintballing facility. Quex has three arenas and several different scenarios to test your paintballing skills.


Our main attraction! The D-Day landings arena offers the unique chance to experience storming the beaches of Normandy. Starting in a beached landing craft, players make their way up to the enemy trench system and pillboxes, trying to out flank the opposition and eventually take out all opposing them. The defending team have to use the extra cover of the pillboxes to their advantage, slowly picking off the opposing players making their way up the beach.


The Vietnam village is set in our very own forest. A variety of games can be played on this arena, all designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Strategically placed sniper hotspots will keep everyone on their toes, and the bamboo huts provide ample cover whilst you pick out your next target. The participants will have to tackle not only the opposition but also the varied terrain, with this dense woodland providing the perfect setting for a day of paintballing action. Keep an eye out for our newly installed missile silo and trench system.

Included in your package:

3 games of paint balling
500 balls
>Lunch will be provided for you
then make your way to Kent Surf School to learn how to surf.

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