School Programmes

Schools who have used us:

Upton Primary School – Chilton Primary School – Ramsgate Arts Primary School – Saint Gregorys Primary School – Small Haven School = St Laurence Primary School – Dane Janet Primary School – Cobham Primary School – The Priory Primary School – Palm Bay Primary School – Chatham House & Clarendon Grammar School – Haddon Dene Primary School

Surfsup Balance Board Academy

Introduce balance boarding to your school its a indoor FUN and CHALLENGING way bringing the surf to your school to exercise the bodies aerobic, core muscle strength, balance, and flexibility through use of engaging surf related moves.

We work in a school throughout the day seeing children in their class groups
for 30/45 sessions. We include in our programs a short talk on water safety and the importance of the environment.

In the sessions we show children how to improve on there core stability and balance in a really fun engaging way, breaking it down into 3 simple steps and then we demonstrate what you can do when you have practiced, showing them the technique that beginner surfers and paddle boarders learn.

We then challenge them to the surf balance boarding minute challenge.

If you wish to buy the optional balance boards which will allow you to carry on after the one day workshop we can arrange this for you with a discounted price on all INDO board equipment.

Exclusive Outdoor Watersports

We offer watersports lessons to schools on Viking bay beach Broadstairs, which includes the following activities; Surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, Kayaking and Body boarding. We also teach about hazards at the beach, sea safety , flags , topography , long shore drift , rip currents , winds , tide, moon and currents. 

We give you full day exclusivity to the surf school and can teach a maximum of 32 students, with an indoor classroom, changing rooms and showers. 16 participants can enter into the water at one time , and we have many team building activities for large groups to participate in.

Timetable as follows

Arrive 9.00 am – paperwork completed – kids split in to even groups 9.30 – kids given wetsuits (group 1) 9.30 – kids with teachers activities or chill on the beach (group 2)10.00 – kids water activity with kss11.30- kids out of water (group 1) 12.00 – kids ready for lunch  lunch break – teachers / instructor 12.30 – kids get ready (group 2) 12.30 – kids with teachers activities or chill on the beach (group 1) 13.00 – kids in water activity 14.30 – kids out of the water (group2) 15.00 – ready to leave 

We had great feedback from Primary schools – Chilton school – St Gregorys – Wesley house – St Lawrence College

Full day with us £650  Price Excludes VAT


First aid is going to be part of the curriculum from 2020. As a fully qualified instructor, I have worked with many schools teaching first aid. I can tailor make packages to meet all schools requirements.

Example : Upton Junior School Broadstairs – 126 students taught CPR , Recovery position , AED in 30 minute intervals across a whole day.

Areas of First Aid including that can be taught include:

CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Recovery position, AED – Auto External Defibrillation, Bleeding, Burns …and more!

The feedback from schools on the First Aid programs has been excellent!